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What is Kidzofit?

Get ready for some fun-filled fitness with KidzoFit! This program is designed specifically for kids and will help improve their balance, coordination, strength, and agility. It’s the perfect combination of exercise and play, satisfying all the different aspects of your child’s development.

With upbeat music and easy-to-follow exercises, KidzoFit is all about having fun while getting fit. And the best part? The program is led by Dr. Nikita Mittal, a pediatric physiotherapist and dance therapist who’s crafted the curriculum to help kids improve their stamina, flexibility, and strength. And after each session, they’ll learn some stretching, Suryanamaskars, cool-down exercises, and basic meditation tasks.

At KidzoFit, kids will learn simple and uncomplicated dance steps, creative movement activities, the importance of exercise, stretching, yoga postures, and meditation. All with the goal of helping them relax, unwind, and concentrate better. So, let’s get your kids moving and having fun!

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